About me

About me

Hi! Welcome to my travelblog. I love traveling, photography, creating videos and sharing my stories with you. Enjoy reading my blog.

I’m also making journeys to my roots in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. You can read more about this here: journeytomyroots.nl

My dreamlife is traveling around the world and creating videos and photos. So if you have an interesting project let me know!

You can see more about my work on my portfolio website: casdesign.nl or by clicking on one of the icon links in the header on this homepage.

Get in touch with me here: casdesign.nl/contact

Kind regards,
Cynthia Schild

Plane to Bengkulu

Droopy, our family Labrador, was proudly guarding my bag, when I went on my first journey without my parents, when I was 15.

I love playing with and looking after my little nephew and niece and love to raise children of my own someday.